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Whenever you need the services of a dependable Lincoln, NE auto repair, choose ARI AUTO REPAIR. Our technicians are experienced, and we can take care of your automotive issues with fast, prompt service. From oil changes to engine replacements, we can handle all of your automotive issues in a detailed, comprehensive fashion. When you bring us your car, we'll use high-quality products to make sure you will completely be satisfy


At Ari Auto Repair, we do what we say, when we say. You can remain confident in all of your interactions with us. 


While Ari Auto Repair is always striving to improve, we’ve never lost sight of good, friendly customer service. You will find everyone on our staff to be friendly and responsive.

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Ari Auto repair has extensive experience, with a clear understanding of potential challenges to success. That knowledge lets us improve upon the best tried-and-true methods. We are a knew Auto Care shop with well experienced employees.


Look at our results from any angle, and you’ll see Ari Auto Repair is a source for real quality. We’re continually pushing ourselves to raise the bar for how we define quality. We are committed to giving you our best service for the maximum automotive care.